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Wild Series

March 2017 – August 2017

This series of illustrations pays homage to Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I grew up spending an unhealthy amount of time with The Legend of Zelda games and their unique iconography, memorable characters and distinct art direction left a lasting impression on me. Upon returning to the series in Breath of the Wild, I found the painterly art style and reinvention of the formula to be really exciting. I decided to take a crack at illustrating and reinterpreting my favorite characters through the lens of my RetroMill series.

Limited edition archival prints of each character are available on my shop now.

Hero of the Wild

Hunter of the Wild

Master of the Wild

Protector of the Wild

Champion of the Mountain

Champion of the Mountain (Full).jpg
Champion of the Mountain (Detail).jpg

Champion of the Lake

Champion of the Desert

Feathered Bard

Giddy Salesman

Giddy Salesman (Full).jpg
Giddy Salesman (Detail).jpg

Ghastly Salesman

Old Man

Children of the Forest

Children (Detail).jpg
Children (Full).jpg

Ancient Defender

Defender (Detail).jpg

Savage Beast

Savage (Detail).jpg

Corrupted Kingdom

Corrupted (Full).jpg